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    If you are new to owning rabbits, please comment here and we will send you lots of useful information about owning rabbits and explain the accommodation required to house a pair of rabbits.

    If you currently own a rabbit and are looking for a companion, are they kept indoors or outside?

    Please give the description and size of your rabbit accommodation (hutch & run) : the width, height and depth in cms. How is the run attached to the hutch?

    Please describe how your rabbits are cared for : give examples of exercise, diet, hay etc.

    If you currently own a rabbit, is your rabbit neutered? Please give the date of neuter.

    If you currently own a rabbit, is your rabbit fully vaccinated (against Myxo/VHD1 and RHD2. Boosters for each vaccination need to be updated every year. Please list the dates.

    Do you have any holidays planned in the next few months? (we ask this because the rabbits will need close supervision for the first few weeks if we have just bonded your rabbit with one of ours)