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We adopted our cat Martha from ARC just over a year ago, and it was totally positive experience. Everybody was helpful and she was being well taken care of by her foster carer. As we didn’t have direct outdoor access at the time, we were advised to get an indoors-y, more timid cat – which we did, not wanting to cruelly coop up an adventurous spirit. Martha spent most of the first month with us hiding under the bed, but now is much more happy and confident. She loves having her tummy stroked, has become very chatty, and goes outside for a bit most days but is usually quite happy indoors. I would recommend ARC to anyone looking to adopt.

December 11, 2017

Paprika came to live with me and Geezer 3 months ago. Geezer’s elderly partner had recently died and so we were looking for another bunny companion. With brilliant help from Gill, they bonded really quickly. Paprika is a younger bun and possibly the most inquisitive I have met.
Because of ARC, not only is Paprika now happy her new home, but Geezer is acting younger and I am delighted too.

December 7, 2017

I’ve adopted 4 bunnies from ARC over the past few years – travelling with a lonely bun who’s recently lost a partner, taking them on an adventure to find a new friend. The bonding service they provide, to bond your bunny to one (or even more!) of their ARC buns, is such a smooth operation and the people involved have an astounding depth of knowledge of the process and how bunnies interact – as long as the bunnies are in agreement of course 😉

They know their stuff and go the extra mile (sometimes literally!) to do everything possible for a secure bond before you bring your new family back home. They even have bunny-cam to keep you updated on how things are going and send you pics of incredible cuteness so any separation anxiety is kept to a minimum.

It’s very clear to see that my experience with the ARC bunny people is par for the course, for all the animals they take such brilliant care of. I keep in touch with other ARC adopters, the volunteers and the marvellous people who foster so we can adopt. ARC like to know how you’re all getting on and love seeing updates about the pets they’ve rehomed, for years and years afterwards. You’ll always be an ARC adopter 🙂

Lauren Good
December 7, 2017

I took on Flossie as a companion cat for my older cat who was then 14 and is now 17 – someone to share the cat-flap defending role with. Flossie is a delightful cat, and has fulfilled the slightly-deferent-but-sometimes-cheeky role beautifully. She has become adept in the art of silent miaows, and radiates contentment and happiness; she usually sleeps on her back, with all four paws in the air. She is very fond of cardboard boxes, of whatever size. I can’t believe that someone didn’t want her – she was an adult when I adopted her, and considerably thinner than she is now! – but I am very grateful to have her, and also to ARC for making sure I didn’t adopt an unsuitable cat who might be less respectful to my older cat Millie.

Pippa Hyde
December 3, 2017

Adopt don’t shop….I’ve adopted three hamsters from ARC and it has been a very rewarding experience to provide an animal with a second chance of happiness. This charity truely cares for their rescues.

Cathryn Lovell
December 3, 2017

We got our beloved Archie from here and it was the best experience we could ever have wished for!! He’s a perfect dog and we got him very quickly so couldn’t be happier. The lady was so lovely and we’ve had Archie a few months now and he has really made our life a million times better

Ruth Case
November 3, 2017

At the weekend, we brought home a wee hamster. He’s still in his transition phase from old home to new home, but he’s doing well, spending hours on his wheel, and snuffling around his new home. He’s got loads of space, a box for digging in, tubes, a seesaw, chew toys, straw and more straw for hiding, three (!) kinds of substrate for texture and almost no plastic involved, which makes me very happy.

His Majesty Scruffy-Bob Aurelus is a healthy, tame hamster, and my daughter adores him. Set the alarm for 6am this morning just to watch him for a bit. Scruffy-Bob slept the entire time.

Our thanks to Sarah, who fostered him, and Cat for organising us. <3

Lesley Law Chan
October 10, 2017

We took on a cat from ARC quite a few years ago. Sadly he has passed away recently but he was the most wonderful companion, and the work that they do to prevent cruelty and promote animal wellbeing to give them a second chance is a blessing to all those that they touch.

Nick Doyle
September 28, 2017

Such a fab rescue. I adopted my boy Edison (Chinese hamster) from ARC and he’s amazing. So confident and happy. His foster mum did a great job

Holly Maguire
June 29, 2017

I’ve adopted two hamsters from ARC, both of which are tame and loving. ARC is an amazing rescue who go through hoops and barriers to help animals in need of a good home, great care and fantastic welfare. Their home checks are thorough, and everyone is so friendly. Proud supporter of ARC

Teresa Lau
June 20, 2017

I adopted a beautiful ginger cat two months ago and found everybody at the charity really lovely and helpful. Cat is settled and we are totally in love with her.

Klaudia Kalata-Morris
April 27, 2017

When I decided to adopt a cat I went to ARC as my sister in law had adopted successfully from there. From the time I saw Tabby and applied online it all went swiftly. The people are lovely and my Tabby has settled really well. I would recommend them to anyone looking to adopt

Lorraine Potter
February 8, 2017

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