Gino is a ginger and white stray who moved in with an elderly lady several years ago. Sadly, the lady died recently leaving Gino with no one to feed him so her daughter asked for ARC’s help. Gino is a timid boy but we are told the elderly owner could stroke him. Gino had to be trapped to get him to us. He is now with one of our most experienced foster homes for further assessment but Gino will need an owner experienced in very timid cats and a lot of patience and someone that doesn’t expect anything from him.
Gino has been neutered, microchipped, fleaed and wormed. He will start his vaccinations once we can handle him more easily. Our vet estimates that Gino is approximately 8 years old.
Update from fosterer ‘Little Gino sat on the kitchen worktop while I made dinner, he didn’t move or run away just watched me. He ate dreamies and cod I saved him😁
He hisses if I get too close so haven’t tried to touch him yet.  This morning he was in the bathroom sink and again just watched me as I worked around him to get ready for work. No hissing this morning!
He also has thumbs.’

UPDATE 13/7/21 ‘

If he’s In the bathroom or kitchen I can approach him and although he hisses he will let me stroke him with my oven glove and he eventually enjoys it, then after a while I can take the glove off but occasionally he does bat me.
Now I’ve let him in the living room he has small hiding places so now when I approach him he just strikes, I guess he feels cornered with nowhere to run.
At night he happily plays with toys and sleeps on every cushion or throw he can find. He doesn’t meow or cry or even try to get out!
He doesn’t go in my bedroom even though the doors open’

He might not like being touched but he loves to play! image7.jpeg
He’s shredded two soft toys loves his orange ribbon and chases a laser pen. As soon as I got to bed he waits in the doorway to play. He uses his scratch post too ( not the furniture)