George is a handsome medium-haired black and white male cat who was found as a stray in a wheelie bin. After coming into ARC’s care and a subsequent health check by our vet, we discovered that George only has one functioning kidney & polycystic kidney disease (a life limiting condition which leads to renal [ more]

Ghost & Storm


Ghost and Storm came in together, both with scent gland tumours. After a course of antibiotics, it was decided by the specialist vet that it would be in their best interest to perform surgery to remove the tumours. While they have both recovered amazingly from the surgery, unfortunately the biopsy revealed that they were [ more]

Touzel & Flossie


Touzel and Flossie (ginger) are two adorable sows around 1.5 years old, who were surrendered to ARC in February 2023 after their owner sadly died. Unfortunately at some point before coming to ARC Touzel experienced a trauma leaving her with a degree of paralysis to her rear legs. Fortunately Touzel’s essential functions such as her gut and ability to pass droppings [ more]



Lumi came into us a few years ago with a completed matted coat and had to be shaved all over whilst he was being neutered. Lumi has Cashmere fur which knots very easily and quickly and needs regular grooming and clipping to prevent his skin getting sore. Because he is deaf and almost blind [ more]



Daisy is an older female chinchilla who came to ARC having lost her cage mate and with extreme dental problems which had affected her left eye and meant a non-specialist vet had previously recommended she be put to sleep. Luckily, our exotics specialist vet was able to operate and make Daisy comfortable again, though [ more]



Handsome Dorito came into our care after living for some time as a stray. Sadly, Dorito tested positive to FIV. He has been adopted but ARC will be supporting his veterinary care should he become ill.



Andre is a handsome ginger and white male cat who came into our care as he was a little too lively for the older cat he had been living with. Andre is 5.5 years old and was found by our vet to have a disease which causes his body to absorb his teeth. He [ more]



Lizzie is the sweetest little 17.5 year old cat who was adopted from ARC many years ago as one of a pair of cats. Her partner died a couple of years ago and, very sadly, her much loved owner died recently, which is why Lizzie came back into our care. While she was with [ more]



Holly is a cat who came in as an older feral kitten. Unfortunately she did not tame as well as some of her siblings so she lives permanently with one of our Trustees.



Pearl is a delightful old lady who came into our care after being taken to the vet to be put to sleep because she had uncontrolled diarrhea. After several months of care, and with the help of our wonderful vets at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, Pearl was well enough to be adopted. ARC supports Pearl's [ more]


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