Toby (aged 11)


Toby is an elderly rabbit who is blind and deaf. On top of that he needs regular dental treatments, so ARC is keeping him as one of our special sanctuary rabbits. This means we can ensure he has a really special home and has all his vet bills covered. His fosterer says he is [ more]



Ziggy is a dear little tabby cat who was brought to ARC by social services after being literally removed from the walls of a very dilapidated property the council were about to renovate. She is very frightened by humans but lives happily in the utility room of one of our Trustees, coming and going, as she [ more]



Holly is a cat who came in as an older feral kitten. Unfortunately she did not tame as well as some of her siblings so she lives permanently with one of our Trustees.



Pearl is a delightful old lady who came into our care after being taken to the vet to be put to sleep because she had uncontrolled diarrhea. After several months of care, and with the help of our wonderful vets at Twickenham Veterinary Surgery, Pearl was well enough to be adopted. ARC supports Pearl's [ more]



Scooter suffers with diabetes and needs special support for this condition. Quote from Scooters new owner: Always having had cats as part of our family home , it was very sad when we lost Alfie & Leo after a lovely 16 years together. 8 months passed and my Daughter was moving out. We discussed [ more]



Molly is owned by an elderly lady in Northolt. She has renal problems and a history of weeing out of her litter tray so ARC support Molly's renal food and the occasional visit to the vet.



Boo is an angora rabbit, the breed which is reared for their 'wool'. Her coat is incredibly high maintenance, needing constant clipping otherwise it form painful matts at the roots, constricting her movement like a strait-jacket. Angoras are subject to awful cruelty in countries like China where they are kept in appalling conditions and [ more]

Blue & Logan


Logan and Blue are two sweeties that have found their perfect home which is supported by ARC due to Logan's health condition. They love snuggling together and sit waiting for treats. Blue was very nervous when she first came but has come out of her shell and loves coming out and getting into mischief. [ more]


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