Porcini (6 months old)


Porcini came into rescue with his sisters Button and Truffle, and as you might have noticed there was a mushroom theme with those names! Porcini is an unusual rabbit with a long nose (much healthier than the flat-faced rabbits) and big ears. He has distinctive black, white and tan colouring. He's a lovely rabbit [...read more]

Luna (8.5 years old)


Luna is an 8.5 year old neutered male. He is a very sweet boy but, according to his previous owner, has always been quite nervous. Luna looks very lonely and would love a  gentle lady bunny with whom to partner up. Could you offer him a home with a neutered older lady rabbit?

Bob (Age TBC)


Bob is a very friendly rabbit and it's really sad that his previous owner was offering him for free on an online site. We can't imagine the horror of where he might have ended up, but the good news is that he's safe with us in rescue now. He's got a lovely chinchilla colouring [...read more]

Sugar ( 4 months old)


Sugar is a sweet young female bunny who came in with her sister (Spice) and brother (Nice). She can be adopted as a single rabbit to bond with a neutered male you already own, or could be adopted with her sister or brother, or both if you'd like a trio. Sugar has been vaccinated, [...read more]

Nice (4 months old)


This lovely boy came in with his two sisters. They're called Sugar and Spice, and he just had to be called 'All Things Nice'! But Nice (for short) is available as a single boy to be bonded with a neutered female rabbit you own, or he could be adopted with one of his sisters, [...read more]

Spice (4 months old)


Spice came into rescue with her sister  (Sugar) and brother (All Things Nice, or 'Nice' for short!). She's a sweet young rabbit who hasn't been neutered yet as she's still too young. This needs to be done when she's six months old and will be a condition of adoption. Spice can be adopted as [...read more]

Sage (3 months old)


Sage was born in rescue in April after his mum, Peach, arrived pregnant. He's already super fluffy, even though he's not yet three months old, so he's going to need regular grooming to stop his fur gathering up hay and getting matted. He's friendly and loves his food and will make a great pet. [...read more]

Fang (3 months old)


Fabulous Fang is nearly 3 months old. She was born in rescue on 24.4.22 along with her brother Sage. She could be adopted with him, or could be bonded with a single male rabbit you already own. Fang is too young to be neutered, so this will be a condition of adoption, and will [...read more]


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