Mina & Ayden


Mina (born approx Sept 2020) came into ARC with her son Ayden (born Feb 2021), then four days later gave birth to another six kits. They were being given away on a freeads selling site so could have ended up anywhere :(. Luckily she found her way to ARC and was a brilliant Mum [...read more]

Parsley (18 months old)


RESERVED - Parsley came in with his sister but they had been living separately in small, awful cages. He has now been neutered and will have his vaccinations before being available for rehoming. He is a small boy and very inquisitive. Parsley loves his food and is getting used to eating hay . . [...read more]

Sharon (18 months old)


RESERVED - Sharon (born around March 2019) has come to ARC after being removed from a dreadful situation of over-crowding, no space to hop and breeding. On arrival she was very nervous, slightly overweight and her fur was in poor condition. She is a little less nervous now so has come a long way [...read more]

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