Misio (6 years old)


RESERVED - Misio is a sweet male rabbit who is looking for a new home after losing his partner. He would like to meet a single neutered female rabbit and could live indoors or outside. He's well litter-trained, as you can see from the photo, and responds to his name. He's black and white, [...read more]

Sharon (18 months old)


RESERVED - Sharon (born around March 2019) has come to ARC after being removed from a dreadful situation of overcrownding, no space to hop and breeding. On arrival she was very nervous, slightly overweight and her fur was in poor condition. She is a little less nervous now but her new home will have [...read more]

Dad Bun (9 months)


RESERVED - This rather handsome and friendly boy has come to ARC looking for a new home. He had sadly been split from his partner after a litter of kits arrive unexpectedly so they all came in to rescue. He has settled in well and is booked for castration on 21st November. He will [...read more]

Walter (3 years old)


RESERVED - Walter has come into rescue with a few friends after being kept as a breeder bunny. He's adapting well to a new life with space and good quality hay and lots of love. But he's still a bit nervous after his grim start in life. Do you have a single female bunny [...read more]

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