Ginny (F – 4 months old)


Ginny is a slightly darker version of her brother Ron, another of the "Harry Potter babies". She is inquisitive and a gorgeous girl. She will need neutering at 6 months, which will be a condition of her adoption. She could be rehomed with her siblings or a neutered male.

Ash (M – 7 months old)


Introducing Ash, a sleek black rabbit who was born in rescue to mum Willow. He's looking for a home with a single neutered female rabbit you already own, or could be adopted along with one of his sisters or brothers. Ash is neutered and has had his annual vaccination. Could you love him?

Orinoco (M – 1yr old)


Orinoco looks a bit like a womble, but he's a young male rabbit. He's a chunky boy with wide hips and cream/apricot coloured fur. He doesn't have great sight - his eyes are pinky-brown. This doesn't stop him doing normal rabbity things like a bit of digging, eating, or shredding newspaper. Orinoco is very [...read more]


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