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Update 16/02/21: Pippin is available again after a bonding sadly failed. Pippin is one of two sons as a result of an accidental litter due to a mis-sexing by a pet shop. He loves snoozing in his hammock but also enjoys a run around. He'll happily take treats from your hand. He will be [ more]

Siouxsie & Annie


Degu babies born in our care - went for bonding but unfortunately it didn't work out so they're looking for their forever home again. They enjoy cuddling each other, and spend a lot of the day just sitting together. They’ll come up and sniff you, Annie will eat from your hand and is the [ more]

Penny, Hallie & Annie


Hallie and Annie are identical and the 3 of them come to see their fosterer when she opens the cage. They are very sweet girls and with patience we are sure they will climb on you and investigate and could be handled. They love their wheel and all get on with each other.

Clarissa & Jennifer


The Two Fat Ladies named as they came in as looking suspect pregnant. Clarissa gave birth to two beautiful friendly babies, a boy and a girl who have been homed with youngsters of similar ages and are extremely happy in their new homes. Clarissa was very social during pregnancy, birth and nursing, taking food [ more]

Baby & Ginger Spice


Baby and Ginger Spice are 2 really sweet girls. Confident to take food from their fosterers hand and they love running in their wheel, often together, and enjoy a good sand bath too. They’ve come from an environment which got out of control with 380 other degus. They arrived with sores, patches and greasy [ more]

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