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Stuart is a lovely gerbil who enjoys his time digging and chewing anything put in his tank. He's very nervous of handling, but has never bitten. He loves mealworms and has even been known to chirp when he's given one. He came to the charity from a hoarding situation and his age is unknown, [ more]

Lemmy, Larry & Lucas


Lemmy (white, 1 year), Larry (agouti, 8 months), Lucas (agouti, 8 months) are the result of a breeding situation which got out of control due to a Pet Shop mis-sexing a pair. They were then advertised for free (!) online. Fortunately, another Rescue saved them and passed them to us before it was too late, [ more]

Anton & Aleksey


Anton and Aleksey (born on 6th June) are 2 very sweet, pretty, friendly and very inquisitive rex mice. They are confident enough to approach their fosterer's hands to take treats or just investigate, they show a huge interest in the world and people. They will nibble out of investigation, but have never bitten. They're [ more]



Sirius is a beautiful male gerbil with a very glossy, smokey grey coat. He’s still a little nervous but has become much more inquisitive and curious as he’s settled in at his foster home. He loves making very large tunnels as well as shredding cardboard boxes, tubes and egg cartons to his hearts content. [ more]

Puffball & Bramble


Puffball (grey) and Bramble (brown) are two friendly year old girls who love to burrow. They aren't keen on being handled but will approach when the cage is opened and when offered food. They are both very gentle and are happy to be lightly stroked. Puffball and Bramble will need a large suitable tank [ more]

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