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Star was found by a member of the public in a soaking wet cage after being dumped. She's been healthchecked and is currently being monitored due to her right eye as it's bulging a bit and she also have some lumps, although we don't think they're anything serious. None of them are bothering her but [ more]



Lucky was found by a member of the public in a soaking wet cage after being dumped. She fortunately ended up in our care and has been vet checked. She's currently on pregnancy watch until the week of 18th October. She's a little nervy but we hope she'll learn to trust humans.

Cassandra (RESERVED)


Cassandra is a gorgeous young girl who 12 weeks old. Very easy to handle, into mischief and does not bite. She's often plotting to escape her cage so her new owner needs to ensure she has lots of supervised freeroaming time so she has an opportunity to burn off energy and is sufficiently stimulated [ more]

Minnie (2 months old)


Minnie can be a bit skittish, but has a lot of personality. She loves rearranging her cage and digging burrows. Her confidence is building and she happily takes treats from her fosterer but doesn't like being handled. She will make a lovely family member.

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