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Sweet tiny Pippi is a lovely active female robo hamster, unfortunately her age is unknown but we estimate she is quite young. Pippi is friendly and curious and not really nervous. She also does not bite. Due to size unsuitable for children under 12.



Little Willow is super cute and super fast. She has a small injury on her nose from when she was living with her sister but it is healing well. Age unknown but we estimate she is young. Not nervous but due to size and speed, not suitable for children.

Pippa & Pearl


Pippa gave birth to 4 boys and 1 girl on 27th February 2021. The boys are also available for adoption. Her and her daughter Pearl will be rehomed as a pair and can be bonded with other females. They're very social and will make brilliant pets.

Siouxsie & Annie


Degu babies born in our care - went for bonding but unfortunately it didn't work out so they're looking for their forever home again. They enjoy cuddling each other, and spend a lot of the day just sitting together. They’ll come up and sniff you, Annie will eat from your hand and is the [ more]

Clarissa & Jennifer


Update 26/03/21: These girls have transformed. Clarissa is back to her friendly self after nursing her two beautiful babies. She regularly grooms her fosterer, often choosing to do so rather than immediately taking her treat. Jennifer has completely come out of her shell. She races around on her wheel, loves Clarissa and loves her [ more]

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