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Bubble & Squeak


Bubble and Squeak, Bubble is the grey one and Squeak is named as she does a lot of it! These two are the most timid and hide when their fosterer opens the door but have started coming up when she has food and will sniff her hand but need more socialising.

Dottie & Dayzie


Dottie and Dayzie , Dotty is the coloured one, still quite shy but will come to the door when you have food . Dayzie will eat out of your hand but both will need paitience. Dottie is the chewer and has chewed the plastic tray in a Savic and tried to eat a wheel [ more]



Rainbow, 9 months old. Was in a loving home but sadly fell out with his brother. Quite friendly, doesn't bite but needs time to settle. Not suitable for children because of size and speed.

Gretl & Brigitta


Gretl and Brigitta: they say we shouldn’t have favourites but...... Gretl is the naughtiest, cheekiest little goo her fosterer has met. She has serious FOMO and has to be involved in everything. Simply put, it’s all about her! Brigitta on the other hand is calm, gentle and loving. She comes out of the cage, [ more]

Clarissa & Jennifer


The Two Fat Ladies named as they came in as looking suspect pregnant. Clarissa gave birth to two beautiful friendly babies, a boy and a girl who have been homed with youngsters of similar ages and are extremely happy in their new homes. Clarissa has been very social during pregnancy, birth and nursing taking [ more]

Baby & Ginger Spice


Baby and Ginger Spice are 2 really sweet girls. Confident to take food from their fosterers hand and they love running in their wheel, often together, and enjoy a good sand bath too. They’ve come from an environment which got out of control with 380 other degus. They arrived with sores, patches and greasy [ more]

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