Starting our “day in the life” series, our wonderful membership secretary Karen Scott shares her experiences.

Just over three years ago I became the proud owner of a Freedom Pass and cut down from a very busy 5 day working week to just one day. What to do with all my new found free time? Semi retirement brings lots of opportunities and I wanted a balance of frivolous time and useful/rewarding time. I carefully thought about my strengths, interests and skills and decided to offer some of my free time to ARC as a rabbit hutch cleaner – it ticked all my boxes!

I nervously approached ARC and to my delight found there was a vacancy with one of ARC’s busy rabbit fosterers, also called Karen. I passed the interview stage and quickly moved onto the training. Before long I was assigned to cleaning 4 large rabbit hutches on a fortnightly basis. I get to meet a wide variety of rabbits that I can fuss and spoil and then leave the responsibility of actually looking after them to someone else. What is there not to love?!

Actually cleaning out hutches is not without its stresses and strains. Rabbits do not always act according to plan. Some are not even pleased to see me. Some are incredibly mischievous and take great delight in scaring the living daylights out of me.

“Look at me I’m swinging from a hutch door.” “Bet it never occurred to you I could climb up the tree.” “Bet you didn’t think I could jump out of the run when your back was turned.”

However, hide and seek is probably the most popular game. “Why didn’t you think to look for me in the big bag of hay?” “Surely the noises from behind the narrow gap in the shed were a giveaway?”


And then of course there is the weather to contend with. Cold I can cope with. Freezing is not so good. Showers are annoying. Constant sleeting rain with a howling gale is a complete nightmare. Chasing bits of sodden newspaper up the garden is no joke. However, on a sunny day there is no better job.

During the last few years I have met rabbits of all shapes and sizes and colours. Old, young, baby, ill, healthy and they are all a delight with their own individual character and charm. Of course there is a certain amount of sadness when they leave. However, I am happy in the knowledge that they are moving on to their forever home and I have played a small part in helping them on their journey. I also know that there will be another lovely new rabbit waiting for me to fuss over on my next visit!