A day in the life of a guinea pig fosterer…

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Written by Holly Jones: From a young age I have kept guinea pigs and rabbits and they are wonderful pets and part of the family. Since having my own children, I haven't had any small furries and when my eldest turned 3 she started asking for a pet of her own. Myself and my Husband thought she may still [ more]

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New small furries posters

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It's been a busy month on the small furries side as we've been updating our factsheets and info posters so do have a peek - we hope you find them useful!          

Welcome to our blog!

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We already have a really active Facebook page and we will try to publish some of the best stories here, but if any "guest bloggers" have any amazing stories you wish to share please submit them to and we will aim to add them! Likewise if you have any great photos or videos of your adopted or fostered [ more]

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A Day in the Life of……The Small Furries Rehomer

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For a start, I often get laughed at when I tell people I'm the ARC Volunteer Small Furries Rehomer as it sounds slightly obscene, plus my day job is in IT so my colleagues find it rather baffling! Nicole and I work with and manage a team of fosterers who look after mice, rats, chinchillas, degus, gerbils and hamsters [ more]

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Our Sanctuary Animals

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We now have a page of our sanctuary animals which are those who are in permanent foster care i.e. they'll stay with their fosterer for the rest of their days or they've been adopted but are supported by ARC i.e. we cover vet bills for any ongoing medical conditions. An example of this is with the beautiful Polly - [ more]

A day in the life of ….. a cat fosterer

By |2019-07-17T11:01:19+01:00June 4, 2019|Blog|

Another of our "day in the life of" series: one of our Trustees, Kate shares her ARC fostering experiences. Growing up on a farm in Devon where we had lots of animals: cows, dogs and cats mainly I spent a lot of time hanging out with them so despite the fact that I have been a city dweller for [ more]

A day in the life……of a rabbit hutch cleaner

By |2019-05-01T11:26:23+01:00May 1, 2019|Blog|

Starting our "day in the life" series, our wonderful membership secretary Karen Scott shares her experiences. Just over three years ago I became the proud owner of a Freedom Pass and cut down from a very busy 5 day working week to just one day. What to do with all my new found free time? Semi retirement brings lots [ more]

The Big Rescue

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The Big Rescue On the 8th February 2018 ARC was involved in its biggest rescue of 44 rabbits, the majority of which were Californian cross youngsters, some as young as one week old. These poor souls had originally been bred for the meat trade and were then taken in by a disreputable rescue. Here they had all been living [ more]

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Daisy rabbit’s still hopping around…

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This is the story of Daisy rabbit who endured a lot, but happily still pulled through. At ARC we like to give our animals the best possible chance to enjoy a long and happy is the account from one of our volunteers: "In March 2018 I noticed a large lump growing on Daisy’s back right leg around her [ more]


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