Daisy is an older female chinchilla who came to ARC having lost her cage mate and with extreme dental problems which had affected her left eye and meant a non-specialist vet had previously recommended she be put to sleep. Luckily, our exotics specialist vet was able to operate and make Daisy comfortable again, though it was thought she would need regular surgery. Daisy has since bonded well with Chilli, another bereaved female chinchilla in ARC’s care. Daisy has discovered that Chilli makes an excellent pillow and also copies her behaviour meaning she is eating hay and chewing on sticks again so her dental health is much better and her left eye is back to normal. Although Daisy has also copied some of Chilli’s more mischievous behaviours and will try to chew her way through a wall if given half a chance! Daisy has become a delightfully friendly, healthy chinchilla who loves to use sitting humans as climbing frames. Daisy has gone from strength to strength with her new pal; the first time she popcorned joyfully during playtime was a wonderful surprise and is now a regular occurrence!