Handsome Dorito has come into our care after living for some time as a stray. Two kind neighbours took pity on him and gave him blankets to sleep on by their front doors. As no one had come forward to claim Dorito during the summer, one of the neighbours contacted ARC to see if we could help as she could not bear to think of Dorito out in the cold and wet during the Autumn and Winter.
When we collected Dorito, we scanned him, in the hope of finding a microchip, but he did not have one.

Dorito was very friendly and let me collect him from a doorstep and put him in a carrier. He is a sweet cat but will lash out when he is stressed and frightened. He doesn’t mind being stroked and is eating well. He doesn’t mind The fosterers own female cat either so could potentially go to a new home with a female resident cat with gentle introductions.

He has seen our vet, and been castrated, chipped, wormed and fleaed. He will need to begin his vaccinations 2 weeks after his castration date.