Dora (6yrs)


Dora is a 6 year old white and black neutered female cat. She had lived the first 4 years of her life in a third floor flat, which she struggled with, in an adult only household before coming to ARC. She was then rehomed to an elderly owner and garden, but has sadly been [ more]

Juno (1yr approx)


Juno is a sweet, elegant young cat who came into our care as she was raising her 2 kittens in a greenhouse. She is friendly and loves a stroke, but also very playful and enjoys games with her toys. She was given flea treatment when she arrived and will be health-checked by our vets [ more]

Mizzie (14yrs)


Mizzie is a sweet, gentle 14 year old, petite female. She has come into ARC's care because her owner had health problems that were making it difficult for her to care for Mizzie. We are told that Mizzie enjoys pottering in the garden, laying in the sun, or curling up on a lap. Mizzie [ more]

Beth (4mths)


Beth is a dear little black and white female who is estimated to be about 4 months old. She was handed into ARC as a stray, having spent a week in a lady's garden. Sadly, Beth was not microchipped and no one came forward to claim her. Beth is a little timid when picked [ more]

Lily (approx 1yr)


Lily, thought to be around a year old. She was found living in a garden and was rescued with her kittens, who have now all been rehomed. She is very sweet and gentle nature. She really is very affectionate, demandingly so! She settled quickly into her fosterers home and does not hide or run [ more]

Mirabel (6yrs)


Miralbel is a beautiful grey and white female cat who our vet has estimated to be around 6 years of age. We are told that she has been living for around 2 years as a stray and recently has been cared for by the residents of the street where she had made her home. [ more]

Maggie (1yr approx)


Maggie is a semi feral cat who came into ARC heavily pregnant. She is still hissing a fair amount and very fearful of humans. She hisses but doesn’t do more than that and her fosterer tries not to push her too far when touching. She’s happy with her fosterer handling her kittens and moving [ more]

Elizabeth (7yrs)


Update- ‘ Elizabeth is proving to be very different here. Once settled she’s chatty, sleeps on the bed with me and loves cuddles and a bum scratch. As soon as I get on the bed she’s snuggling into my bathrobe to kiss my neck, head bump, dribble and do the front paw kneading thing [ more]

Janet (8yrs)


Janet is an 8 year old black and white female cat who has been handed in to arc by her previous owners after they’d had her for a year, as she was not as friendly and cuddly as they wanted her to be. Janet is a wonderful cat. It's true that she's highly strung [ more]

Zoe (14yrs)


Zoe came to us as an extremely nervous cat who just wanted to hide from the world for the first few months. It has taken a lot of patience and gentle handling, but Zoe is turning into a loving character and is now showing her real personality and cheekiness. She has a small tunnel [ more]

Carriers for Sale (£)


ARC always has good quality second hand carriers for sale priced between £3 and £5 according to size and condition. Should you wish to purchase a carrier, contact Karen on 07944 232 063 or email Collection Hampton Hill


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