Buddy (9 years old)


Buddy is a 9 year old cat who loves being around people as he is well-natured and friendly. He loves attention and is always up for a cuddle. He can be a bit afraid of toddlers at first but is great with cat friendly children. Buddy loves his food and needs to be fed [ more]

Jasper (approx 3 years)


Jasper has come to us after living as a stray for some time. He came in with very sparse fur on his back due almost certainly to flea allergy which has caused Jasper to lick his fur excessively. Since arriving in our care, Jasper has been to the vet for a flea treatment, to [ more]

Mimi (12 + years)


Mimi is a tiny, tabby female cat who has been living as a stray for a year. She was provided with shelter and food by a kind lady but, as time went on, the lady became concerned about Mimi's state of health and asked ARC to help. Mimi has come into our care very [ more]

Timi (10 years old)


Timi is a kind and gentle black male cat who has lived his whole life indoors. We feel he could, given time, learn to enjoy having access to a garden so we will be looking for a home where he will have the option to go outside, via a cat flap, but where his [ more]

Stitch (2- 3 years old)


Dear Stitch did have a home but he chose to move out as he could not cope with several young children and several other cats. A neighbour kindly fed him but he was very skittish and would not let her catch him to come to us for rehoming (with the original owner's permission. Eventually, [ more]

Friday (12 years old)


Friday is a handsome tabby male cat who has come into our care following the sad death of his owner a year ago. Family members have been caring for Friday since then, but did not feel they had the interest or time for Friday so he has come into our care to find a [ more]

Fran (18 months)


Sweet little Fran has come all the way from Crete where she was rescued along with her kittens where they were in danger of being 'disposed of'. Her kittens have been homed but Fran is still looking for her forever home. Fran is incredibly shy and does not like to be touched. She would [ more]

Mia (3 years)


Mia is a small, black female with some pedigree in her mix as she has quite a flat face like a British Shorthair. She has come in because her owner was finding having Mia and Mia's son and daughter too much. Mia has been quiet and reserved since coming in so we have not [ more]

Chloe (7 years old)


Chloe is a grey and white female cat. She has been living outside in a field, fed by her owner, because she did not like the other cats in her home. Her owner therfore felt it was best for Chloe to be rehomed to a home without other pets. Chloe came in neutered and [ more]

Iris (3 years old)


Poor Iris is now one of our longest stayers, having been with us over a year now, and she would LOVE a permanent home of her own. Iris originally came into our care when her owner had to move and could not find a rental property with a garden that would allow pets. Iris [ more]

Shadow (18 months)


Shadow is a handsome, black, male cat who has been living as a stray for many months. His rescuer reported his plight to ARC and fed and looked after him until we eventually had space to take Shadow into our care. Shadow has gained a lot of confidence in his loving foster home, and [ more]


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