Olaf (5yrs)


Olaf is a neutered, 5 year old male cat. He was a much loved pet  and has lived his life indoors which has resulted in him being rather plump (6.5kg). Olaf would benefit from losing a little weight so a home where he can exercise and play is needed. We would also like Olaf to [ more]

Monty (15yrs)


Monty is an affectionate tabby male cat. He came into ARC after being taken to be out to sleep as he was urinating by the front door at his home. We believe this was due to stress or living with another cat and not having the option of 2 litter trays indoors. He is [ more]

Dora (4yrs)


Dora is a 4 year old white and black neutered female cat. She has lived all her life in a third floor flat, in an adult only household. Upon arriving she was a strange mix of contrasts; quite bold when first arriving at her foster home and strolling around to explore. She did not [ more]

Luna (4yrs)


Luna is a petit white and black cat who is estimated to be 3 to 4 years old by our vet. She has been living as a stray for some time but kind neighbours have made sure she has been well fed and have allowed her in their homes where she enjoys sleeping comfortably on the [ more]

Pearl (16yrs)


Pearl is a delightful 16 year old white and black female cat. She was handed into her local vets as her elderly owners couldn’t cope, the wife was sadly dying.  Pearl is a very affectionate and friendly girl. The vets found her very sweet and chilled whilst she was with them and she had [ more]

Merlin (10yrs)


Merlin is a handsome tabby and white male who has came into ARC due to his owner moving where cats were not allowed. He used to live with his sister but we found them a lot happier apart. Merlin is very affectionate and friendly. He likes to sit on laps and snuggle up and [ more]

Bagheera (1-2yrs)


Bagheera is a very handsome black boy who is believed to be a year or two old. He was trapped as part of a colony by another rescue and ARC have been asked to take him to try and find a home for him. Bagheera is semi feral and, at the moment, is very nervous [ more]

Carriers for Sale (£)


ARC always has good quality second hand carriers for sale priced between £3 and £5 according to size and condition. Should you wish to purchase a carrier, contact Karen on 07944 232 063 or email Collection Hampton Hill

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