Whiskers (15yrs)


Meet Whiskers, a 15 year old black and white neutered male. Whiskers has come into ARC's care as his owner is having to move in with a relative who already has a cat and two dogs and he felt this would be too much for Whiskers. Whiskers has been a lucky boy as he [ more]

Barnaby (8yrs)


Barnaby has come into our care after being left at the doors of Pets and Home in Brentford. He was taken to a local veterinary surgery where it was found he was neutered but sadly not microchipped.We can only assume he was dumped because his owner was no longer able to care for him. Since [ more]

Harry (7/8yrs)


Harry was reported to us by concerned residents because he was living in a plastic crate, tucked into the shelter of a flower bed. Harry was outside in the coldest weather for 10 days and looked incredibly depressed. Because none of the residents had been able to handle or touch Harry, we set a trap [ more]

Aiden (5/6yrs)


Aiden is another unneutered male stray who has come into ARC's care after coming to the attention of a kind lady. She could not find an owner and, sadly, Aiden was not microchipped when we scanned him. Aiden is a quiet boy at the moment and not much is known about his personality. Once he [ more]

Saskia (6yrs)


Saskia is a petit, long haired,gentle, tabby, female cat. She has come into ARC's care because she was very stressed by the owner's other cat. For this reason she needs a new home where she is the only pet so there is nothing to cause her stress. Also, Saskia has always been an indoor cat so [ more]

Shelley (3-4yrs approx)


Shelley is a handsome boy of approximately 3-4yrs old. He has had a tough time as a stray but is starting to settle into home life. He will need a very patient calm new adult home, who are willing to take on a project. He will hiss with fear and freeze when uncertain, but [ more]

Carriers for Sale (£)


ARC always has good quality second hand carriers for sale priced between £3 and £5 according to size and condition. Should you wish to purchase a carrier, contact Karen on 07944 232 063 or email Collection Hampton Hill

Pearl (16yrs)


Pearl is a delightful older female cat of 15 years who needs a very special home. She is a friendly, gentle cat who just wants a quiet retirement home where she can have a couple of cosy beds, lie in the sun (when there is some), and potter in the garden when she fancies. She has [ more]

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